Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bad Day

This day sucks....I needed to post that. It needs to be recorded as a crappy day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends.

These days Good friends are hard to find. Or at least everyone says that. "IF" that is the actual case then why do I have so many good friends? I don't necessarily think that good friends are hard to find. I think that if you are a mature person and have the ability to understand and keep an open mind to the differences and opinions of others and be respectful of them even if you don't always agree, you can be GOOD friends with just about anyone.

Now I know that there are those people that you wouldn't WANT to be good friends with because they are a bad influence or THEY wouldn't be open minded to your personal situation, but say you had a good group of about 30 friends that you would consider CLOSE...or GOOD...its possible. I know it is for me at least. I do believe that friends come and go but not necessarily from being your friend, they just might have another path to take. I have had the same close group of GOOD friends for over a year now. Even though some of them may have left my social network and they don't work with me very often or even at all I still see them, think about them, pray for them, and I hope that they come to the big events in my life.

Good friends are easy to find for me. Because of the few years I spent having NOT so good friends I now know exactly what I look for in a friend. Any time I don't see those qualities that I look for...Away they go. You don't want something in your life that holds you back, the ideal situation is to be surrounded by people that will lift you up and take you forward WITH them. I can't believe it took me my whole teenage years to discover that. Its also nice to know that when I did eliminate those who DID hold me back, it made me feel better. I felt better about myself and my faith and I'm not blinded by hope that I can make things work. It's also a relief to find out that those friends that I did eliminate were not such good friends....they were fake. But somehow I knew that all along.

Life is BETTER for me now. I have amazing friends...TRUE friends. I have friends that I have had for YEARS, and each one of them has been a blessing to me. So for that I thank all of you...thanks guys. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

this week

So lately I have been doing nothing but working and playing... I can't seem to find time or energy to do anything after I work but then somehow miraculously I get a call or "facebook" from one of the gang and off I go to hang out until the wee hours. I love my job, for the time being but I am going to look for a second job again so I can get the big bucks saved for school. I was talking to a friend today that said that I should go to BYU Idaho but I dunno how I feel about being away from home for that long. I know what its like to NOT live at home but I have always been a 10 minute drive away and I never missed a Sunday for cookies. I almost feel like its something that I need to do to get my head in the game and start getting the education adult making money ball rolling. But hanging out is so much fun! it gets my mind off of the things that I really need to get done and haven't been able to fix yet and Its probably my best anti-stress mechanism and lets face friends are amazing, all of them. I went to Michelle and Rachel's Bridal/Lingerie Shower and it was awesome. Sometimes you just need some sweet delicatessen goodness of a cafe Alecia Lynch dessert or Better than sex cake...mmm and don't forget the OREO balls! ahh and now tomorrow its off to an Orem OWLS game with the oldest friends I have ever had, Natalie and Gentry. :) maybe I am just meant to play for now. I can live with that....its not like I'm 40 and married or anything right!?

Monday, July 13, 2009


Every Year On the 4th of July, My family gets together for the traditional activities that go on in Utah County and we have been doing the exact same thing since I was a little baby...(seriously we have pictures) so I guess that makes it a tradition right? Here is the long event of things that we do. Oh by the way, now that there are grand kids in the mix my parents have added a few extra fun things so that they can experience the great celebrations with us and hopefully carry on the tradition. Here is what we do:

-2nd of July: Siblings bring children over to have a camp fire/camp out in the back yard with tents and weenie roasting and marshmallows...the whole shebang. Then they sleep out there excited for the mornings events.

-3rd of July: Kids wake up at the butt crack of dawn (AKA 600 A.M.) to travel to Provo where they watch the Hot Air Balloon Show in the baseball field next to the hospital. Its a huge hoopla..maybe you have heard of it..if not look below-

- Then after the balloons have launched and the chaser balloon has gone back and forth trying to beat everyone at the game of bean bag toss/ balloon popping. (regular balloons that is)


we leave and go get breakfast at Denny's. The quite game for dollar bills and quarters is usually played so that the children will shut their traps and its good excellent fun.


4th of July- Children return with parents (if they so choose to go) at around 8:30 A.M. and we go BACK to Provo...see the balloons again from a distance but make our way to the Parade that starts at 9 A.M.

- The parade is fabulous and the children love it every year and get to eat lost of treats.

-Once that event is over everyone heads back to the house for some pool fun, naps and a big BBQ that the family does (sometimes its in a different place but still delicious)...Also every once in a while we go to the movies...but not this year.

- After everyone is fed, rested and thoroughly satisfied with the day, we set off around 9 P.M. to head to the Stadium of fire (SMOKE) to see what type fireworks show they are going to put on. Every year its a little bit different..sometimes its awesome..sometimes its lame, but we go. Its fun! we bring chairs and dogs and cards and hang out till about 10:15ish until they start.

AND THAT'S IT! 3 days filled with fun events, food, and family. This is why big families are best.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

DATING, oh boy.

Have you ever met someone who is just absolutely perfect for you in every way, only they are dating someone? His/her eyes are the right color, hair, height, funny attitude (or not depending on your taste), the things they believe in or the vehicle they drive...EVERYTHING IS PERFECT...only they are dating someone else. Then when you see who they are dating you think to yourself "what the hell?" meaning of course that they are ALL WRONG for said person you secretly want to woo? Whats up with that? Do the right guys (in my case) just always seem to end up with the wrong person..leaving us devoted love searchers in the dust?

What if that person that they are with really isn't all that bad for just think so because you think your better? Or prettier, or cooler? Maybe they are JUST like you in every way and that's why they are dating them? Also, Why is it that by some small miraculous fraction of a chance that things don't work out between them you immediately want to snatch that person right up..just in case there is not even ONE other person on this planet (even tho there are over 6 billion people on the planet right now) that could possibly be just as good..if not better? So there you are all blinded by the blissful insanity of lust and determination pouncing on your prey even tho its just a baby and isn't even going to satisfy you for more than a few days (lion appetite here) but hey! they are right there right now when your hungry. So you pounce. Had you have waited they might have grown up to be strong big bulls (or gazelles heh heh) and you could have searched and picked just the right one so that you know that when you go in for the kill it will be worth it. Or maybe they already are big and strong and your the baby trying to impress everyone else with your big catch. The campaign for love is INSANITY!

So what should you do? Pounce? wait it out? possibly let your one true love walk right by you and not do anything about it? Is it really worth it? How many movies are made every year that have to do with some crazy twisted love brain fart that nobody can figure out but somehow miraculously at the end of the movie everything smooths over...sometimes its not the BEST happy ending but its definitely more exciting and easier than in real life. But lets not compare true life to fictional movie shiz even though it comes to my mind more often than not. I don't have a conclusion nor do I have any answers on any of the posted questions so far so my next question is, WHO DOES? Isn't there anyone out there in this giant world that can answer any of this? And by who I mean a real person who can physically guide and show all of us love shot nobodies a way towards the light...not by some symbolic message of a burning in the bosom through prayer (wah wah).

Maybe I need to be looking somewhere other than Utah? Maybe my one true love is somewhere over in Kazakhstan and is dying to find someone just like me. They say that there is most likely one other person on this planet that looks similar or exactly like you so maybe its the same for your love...and they are British...or Russian..or Egyptian! that would be rad. I need to take a foreign trip to Uruguay or something. If it took my brother and his wife leaving the country to finally make a daughter maybe its the same for me and finding a decent guy? I don't want to pounce..I want to be swept up. :(

"That love at first sight should happen to me, was Life's most delicious revenge on a self-opinionated fool." UGH

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So I suck at updating my blog but now that I have a fancy new background I think I will be a little more into it.

NEWS: This is what I have been up to since I last wrote.
- I lost Miss Orem. Its okay! Chelsey Ingersoll is an amazing person who truly deserves it! also, I'm a little bit excited because I would love to run again next year and be a little bit more organized...besides then I know EXACTLY what I'm getting myself into and I will hopefully be even better. It was an amazing experience and regardless of the crown I think the whole point was to learn and grow from it and with that become a better person for myself and others! The community service and platform and changing the world is them main issue anyway..not the float (which is really awesome this year).

- I'm single, and loving every minute of it. I never thought I would actually say that. As much as I love having someone to snuggle with, kiss, and share happy times with, I am in NO position to be in a serious relationship..for now. I miss being a girlfriend of course, but I need to take care of myself first until I think about adding someone else into my mess of a life. I have been dating which is nice and I like JUST dating, but it seems like if it goes beyond that than chaos starts (retarded boy syndrome steps in).
- SEATTLE! I went to Seattle this past week and had an amazing time! I cannot believe how beautiful it was there and boy did I need a vacation. I went with one of my dearest friends, Whitney and we stayed with her brother in Sammamish which has this BEAUTIFUL lake and view and its a forest and oh! I want to go back.

*On the Ocean*



- I quit my second job at Visage. I hated it there. I hated the drama, the ridiculous expectations and the boss who quite frankly was a DOUCHE. As sad as it is to leave a good friend that I worked with behind, I have never been happier and lets be honest, Los Hermanos is the BEST job I have ever had..even if I don't make as much money.

And that about sums it up. I am hoping to go to school here soon but I am still trying to decide between Hair school...or real school haha. ugh, the mess continues.