A Little Bit About Me

Name: Heather

Age: 25

Location: Chicago, IL

Hometown: Orem, Utah

Occupation: Nanny

I like to pretend that I can take a decent photograph here and there. I have several ambitions, one of which is writing. I hope to one day write a memoir of my life, and I pull inspiration from sappy romance novels, poetry, short stories, jokes, one liners, lyrics, and personal accounts of traumatic childhood events. Much of my blog posts will contain the inner workings of my brain at around 2 am, so I apologize in advance. I have an intense love for music, animals, and my family. I aspire to one day work with horses, sing to an audience of thousands, control my temper, and be more involved in the world. I am a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I listen to my parents way too often. Sometimes you will see some rants on current events, hopes and dreams for a dying country, makeup tips, favorite songs, random trapeze videos and much much more.

                                                              Thanks for reading. :)

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