Thursday, August 12, 2010


Dear FATE:

IF by some small chance there is someone out there that looks, or talks, or is as buff as, or has stubble like, or is as charming in real life as, or is as packing as, or is as sexy as, and is actually single, and actually finds tall amazonian blonds attractive, and is LDS and wants someone EXACTLY like me, and is a good kisser, and is taller than 5'10. IF ANY of the above attributes are anything like THIS GUY:

 Then PLEASE! for the love of all things natural and good and sexy! Oh PLEASE SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL! SEND HIM MY WAY! 
Love, THER.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This past month has been a roller coaster! I have gotten so much done and have so much to do still but I am so excited for the next six months!

HOUSE: I moved into a new place in south Provo. My roommates are awesome and I will be getting two new roommates in September! I love living in an actual house with a washer and dryer. Who knew that there were houses you could live in that didn't require a contract, deposit, and are just as cheep and way better than Branbury! I do now! I will post pictures of my place soon. :)

SCHOOL: I'm starting my first semester of college! I feel like its going to be the BEST thing for me right now and since I haven't had any schooling since high school I am SO excited and also nervous. I hope I figure out the college groove and excel! I'm pretty much going to have to if I want to become an equestrian Vet. I figured that I'm probably not going to be doing what I want for another 10 years or so, and its going to be rough, but I'm up for challenges these days. I need them!

WORK: STILL at Los. STILL hating it. STILL looking for another job. If any of you know of a good one lemme know.

BOYS: I wanna make out. Single life is too boring. Have a friend? have a cousin? have a Brother? are all of the above over 5 feet 10 inches? If the answer is yes to all of the above then:  Tell them to call me.  K thanks.

RANDOM: I CRAVE TATTOOS. I don't know why! I don't know if its my artistic flare coming out in me or my rebellious one. I want a skinny body and a bitchin tattoo on my ribcage! maybe one day I will just get a henna one so I can be satisfied for a bit. I want one sooooooo bad! I need to draw more or something so I get it out of my system!