Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Farewell

"May 16, 2011 at 7:13pm: Me: "Corry, Please make sure you pack enough Gas for that Hot air Balloon!"

Corry Wood: "I talked to my friend about it. She recommended a pool to cool off instead of the basket. What a way to travel."

Me: "Oh cheers to that Idea. It was pretty much the coolest dream ever. I kind of wish it was true. A, you would have a sick Toyota lookin SUV that was black, sexy, and full of camping gear and summer adventure items. and B, you were steering the hot air balloon with the car! so you have an SUV..camping gear..a hot air balloon, and a pool!? wow. This IS going to be the summer of my dreams ....also there were a few people in the SUV but they were all squished..I think maddie was one of them..except for me who was on a motorcycle attached to the bottom of your car. (try and visualize that!) our first adventure? I didn't attach the motorcycle good enough so it fell into a city and my wallet was in it. So you had to put me down so we could go on a search for my wallet which got stolen by a bunch of teenage girls who were playing keep away. that part wasn't as fun, but the rest was pretty great!"

To say that I have some of the greatest best friends is an understatement. I firmly believe that the lifetime friends I made while working at a mediocre and questionably cleanly mexican restaurant was no coincidence. We all got stuck with each other at exactly the right time. We needed each other for some specific reason. Perhaps that is why my los G's will always hold a special place in my soul forever.

Enter: Corry.

Corn Dog. Coral. Corry cakes wood. Redwood. The gangly ginger kid. The list goes on and on.
My first experience with Corry was a conversation about making out, or the N.O.P. if you will. Although I was engaged at the time, he did not hesitate the put the word out there that he was up for "Whatever".

Five years later, several boyfriends and one fiancé for me, and a plethora of girlfriends and N.O.P.'s for Corry have come and gone, and although we never embarked on the "Relationship" Journey Thankfully...that would be weird, Corry and I have had quite the friendship.
Roadtrips, epic party planning, late night hot pots trips, late night conversations about our woes with life, finances, girlfriends, boyfriends and who knows what else, we did it all. I'd make fun of him, he'd make fun of me, we'd gripe about how we were always the glue to the gang, and he would ask me dating advice for his current girl situation, or vice versa. The bottom line, is that he is probably one of my greatest friends in this world. I would even dare say that he is the greatest male, non romantic friend I have ever had.

So, My soul died a little bit today, as he married the love of his life. Not just because I wasn't there, or because of who he's marrying because, lets face it, Corry wouldn't marry anyone that wasn't above average, outstanding, beautiful, or perfect for him in every way.

This death comes from the sadness and realization of the end of an era.

We all know how this works people. Opposite sex friendships are never the same after marriage. Not that I would never speak to him again, or write him off because of his new chapter, but because its just the way things work. He will have conversations about life, finances and who knows what else with his new love. As much as I am happy for him, I am sad as well. I will miss the conversations, and another single friend, ally, and confidant. Thank goodness for Facebook, the most appropriate form of friendship...until I get married..then there can be married friendship which is cool I guess. So I will reminisce. I will treasure the friendships and laughs that we had as singles ready to mingle..and him as my wing man..and assistant party planner.

So some Cheer's are in order. Cheers to Corry. Cheers to Becca. Cheers to their new found love and journey together for eternity. Cheers to new beginnings, and cheers to one of the greatest guys I know.

I will miss you..