Monday, October 18, 2010

Ode to my Sister Haylee on her Birthday!

To Haylee:
 Seeing as to my sister is entering her twentieth year, I thought it would be fitting to remember those choice qualities and memories that have shaped and molded her personality. For example: Her constant need to touch my bosoms and bum, (my constant need to touch her bosoms and bum),

How can you resist this face?
  her attempts at cornering me in the kitchen-dining room-living room-hallway with my hands full to "practice" making out so she doesn't suck at it when she finally finds that one true basketball player lover that has been spending his days searching for her, and her successful attempts to convince my mother that she is a lesbian in attempt to ward her ever searching man hunting for my eighteen year old daughter's eyes off track. Those are just a few things that I love about her. But other than her giant amazonian nature and her brunette magical powers, what more do you really want in a sibling?

I have pondered the things that we have found to entertain ourselves while being solitarily homeschooled throughout the years and the list that has bonded us as TRUE sister's is quite brilliant.

Gilmore girls
 Bobby's world
turning colored pencils into dolls and labeling them as a 'boy pencil' or a 'girl pencil' because my mom was too poor/"FRUGAL" to buy us barbies
 Johnny Quest
 American girl dolls (even tho my sister wanted Josephina because she thought she was Hispanic)
 Starship troopers the T.V. show
 Working out at the age of five and seven to the 1970's exercise program that aired at seven A.M. every morning because my mom bought a bitchin mini trampoline that went perfectly with the under dressed exercise instructor.
Our ever growing obsession with stuffed animals
our "Awesome" throw downs in the downstairs hallway over a T-Shirt that usually left me bleeding and laughing and her unscathed and crying (I could take her if I was just a little bigger...really)
Our freakish good looks:

There is just nothing like sisters
Happy Birtday Haylee!!!