Sunday, September 23, 2012


Music. The one thing that can put a smile on my face no matter how unpleasant I feel. The rhythms that move my staggering heart in a steady beat. The sweet melancholy that the minor notes bring. The capacity to completely reverse the direction of my blood flow. It is not a part of me, rather it consumes me. It sparks my inspiration.

Music is motivational, it makes one think. Think about life, passion, love, anger, faith, and even knowledge.

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings To the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." -Plato

Music tells a story, even without lyrics. With lyrics, the words are heightened, climaxed, and elevated. Music can be a warning, bring hope, Mourn with you, soothe you. Music Is powerful, it is the strongest form of magic.

As everyone does, I hear music in my own way. In a song, I envision my own story as it is played. I Imagine my own lyrics, or characters regardless of the songs current lyrical story. I often wonder what a song would sound like If I tweaked it one way or another.

In an instrument, I imagine colors or wind blending with the movement of a complimenting instrument. I think about the different families of instruments acting like siblings, clashing with each other, fighting with each other, yet each one bringing something different to the family unit in their own complimentary way therein completing the family and, although a solitary instrument may not be as strong sounding, but when reenforced by its brothers and sisters, they become an army. An orchestra.

I hear rhythm in the trees as they move, the leaves as they smack together, I hear music in water, the way it swishes and splashes. There is music in my steps, in wheels, in cars, in clothing as it is worn on my body. Even animals Sing. It's everywhere.

I've Heard that in heaven everything is more Vibrant, colorful, and bold. I read a story about someone who had crossed over and come back, and they had said that everything sang. The trees, the flowers, the rivers. Everything was alive. If I really hear what I think I do, and have a glimpse of what it's like, and I've not seen anything as bold as heaven, and yet it's so involved in my life, then I can't wait to go to heaven.

From My Patriarchal blessing:

"Love, hear, and see the beautiful things in life. Let your heart sing with joy and rejoice in the hymns of Zion. Let music be an important part of your life."

I have yet to discover my part in the world of music, but I think about it everyday. Ninety percent of my day is spent with a song or many songs stuck in my head. Some are made up, some are not. Sometimes I just sing my words, which, is usually annoying. Many apologies for all of my musical "Hi, how are youuuuu" 's, or my sarcastic opera impersonations, but i can't help it.

Music is my addiction. I need it to survive. I will sing, and play, and make something beautiful for others to hear. One day. It is my biggest goal to learn every string instrument, and I will. One day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I ended up in Chicago

I suck at blogging. It's a fact. So anyways...

Name: Heather Magill
Age: 23
Location: Chicago, IL
Relationship status: single...and ready to mingle.
Occupation: Nanny

Apparently the year 2011 was so uneventful and sucked so bad that I didn't write about it. In fact I'm pretty sure that I only wrote in my journal once last year. Sad.

Quick catch up: in 2011 I went to my first semester in college, dipped my toe into the pool that is education and realized that it is one very expensive pool. In addition, working 40+ hours a week while going to school full time was catastrophic on my GPA as a poor poor freshman. Lesson learned. I stopped going to school, in hopes that I would get my shit together and save some money for the following semester, therefore enabling me to learn more and work less. My job at the time was working on a sales floor in Lehi as an administrative assistant, and while I was enjoying a change of occupation and a steady paycheck, I suffered from a severe and advanced case of boredom. Great Job and coworkers, but horrible work environment. Worried that I would end up right back where I was when I was serving at a dead end job a few months prior, I did some serious thinking about my future and decided that I needed a change. Nothing was happening in my life. Everything was stagnant and even though I had made an attempt to go to school and progress in at least one thing in my life, I needed to be prepared financially which would mean a lot of change if I was going to go for what I really wanted.

Conveniently Around the same time as my life changing thoughts, my good friend April (and coworker) sparked my interest in nannying (my boss was less than pleased). Lightbulb. Not only was I bored with life, but I wasn't financially stable at the time, making every attempt to progress in any way difficult. If I chose to nanny, I would be putting my education on hold, but also carving a path for future success, and I would be doing a job that I am not only good at, but have been doing my whole life. I think Kids are great, I had experience, its a fast pace environment aka NOT boring, So I hooked up with Kelli at Ctr Nanny and a month later was on my way to Malibu CA to meet three cute kids, and my future employers. Two weeks after that, in February I was moving to Chicago!

Best decision I've ever made. Since February I have left the country three times, (travel in my twenties? Yes please) crossed the US several times to many awesome and adventurous places, and am not only debt free, but well on my way to paying for my four year degree IN FULL. I recommend this job to ANY single girl with any type of nanny or babysitting experience. Especially If you have lived in Utah your whole life.

I am blessed. Everything worked out at the right time, felt right, and I knew from the moment that I spoke to my Chicago family that I would be moving.
This job has changed my life. My goals are bigger, my spirit is stronger, my expectations are higher, I'm healthier, I want more out of life and doubt that I will ever feel like a stagnant pool of uneducated water ever again.

Blogging again is one of my recent goals, mainly because I need to be documenting these epic journeys that I have had. (more to come on that..)

That's it! I'll probably post a lot of catch up posts, but my blog is about to get really interesting, and I'm really excited about it. :)

"To improve, is to Change; to be perfect, is to change often."
--Winston Churchill