Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ahhh pageants.

PROCRASTINATION...really that should be the title of this blog. Here I am writing about sunshine and daisies when all in all I still have oh lets say about 30 hours of community service to get done! GAH! Who knew that being in a beauty pageant was so giving? Let me tell you folks! Its not just about the eyelashes butt glue and long legs k!? Its hard grinding work! and I don't think I helped any when I randomly decided to choose one of the deepest subjects for my platform.....AUTISM! holy crap this subject is controversial! and not only that, what I want to prove hasn't actually been proven by a professional.....well it has but the FDA/whoever is into studies and crap keep SHUTTING THEM DOWN! So much for freedom. I think its time we get the independent researchers on front page news! they have some good stuff! And I'm not even talking about Autism.....ANY INDEPENDENT RESEARCH! come one people! you go to youtube and you can find posts of people running their cars on 8 ounces of water! no joke! why isn't that front page news?

Your gaystyle.....thats what I say to the FDA/whoever is in charge (Seriously who is that again?).

Well all in all even without proving that Immunizations cause Autism I can get the word out there for the kids! and may I just is one of the coolest websites I have ever encountered. I don't think I could find any more resources from one site about anything else! honestly whoever put that website together must have magical powers and skills...or be the beast master or something. Anywho.....the pageant is MAY 16TH! yay! its less that one month away and I have everything! well...except my swimsuit...and my interview outfit...and my shoes...and my talent outfit. but still! I'm getting there and its going to be excellent. I'm acutally looking forward to seeing all the girls all dolled up. I don't think I could have asked for a nicer group of gals. I was a little bit scepticle but honestly I would feel awesome if any one of those girls became miss orem 2009. Good stuff.

So much for